Arnold Gets Cheeky: Pumping Iron to Funky Disco Tunes!!

Arnold Gets Cheeky: Pumping Iron Funky Disco Tunes!!

Hey, look who it is! It’s Arnold and he’s back, and with more energy! This time, he’s accompanied by a groovy disco-funk backdrop and teaches us the proper rhythm to his muscle-strengthening push-ups. Luke Million makes this track real fun. Get those hand-claps going!

Luke Million: Arnold

Slide Show: Arnold Schwarzenegger Bares It All…Almost…

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Dr. Phil Reportedly Named a Top Hillary Campaign Adviser

Yes indeedy, allegedly well-placed Washington sources are whispering rumors that the infamous, publicity mongering Dr.Phil has just been named to a top advisory position in Hillary Clinton’s political campaign. He’ll join the likes of Ragin’ Bill Clinton, Howard “Hoodwink ‘Em” Wolfson, Magpie Williams, and Mark “I Run This Show” Penn in helping to determine our political destiny during the next few weeks.

And just coincidentally, it’s ratings sweeps time again in television land!! Since Dr. Phil can’t exploit Britney Spears again right now (since her own family is doing a good job of that) or the teenage girl accused of being the ringleader of a high school smackdown, Dr. Phil has turned to ripping off a sick, but popular popular reality show: The Moment of Truth. it’s been exposed how the good non-doc’s using a polygraph, a child molestation victim, and fancy graphics all in the name of ratings. It’s being rumored that Hillary might make a special appearance as one of the very first guests on Dr. Phil’s version of Moment of Truth, just to prove that all of her notorious “misspokens” were actually true!!

Dr. Phil’s Moment of Truth

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