Give Me Some Hot and Sexy Hollywood Abs!!

Give Me Some Hot and Sexy Hollywood Abs!!

Hollywood Abs is a ridiculously silly short film produced by Terry Richardson, variously acknowledged to be either one of New York City’s very favorite “edgy” fashion photographers, or a totally creepy camera-wielding predator. Luckily, in this short film, Richardson’s only being just plain goofy.

All the guys who really, really want to become fabulously fit absolutely need to watch this film to see how a famous fashion photographer becomes the next promotional customer of a very popular (but completely non-existent) work-out routine that ‘s taking over Hollywood like hot bananas. Hollywood Abs is all you need to get those defined steamy, sexy super-muscular abs versus the merely “so-so” look of New York abs. Actor Matthew Gray Gubler tells you in his very convincing and happy tone of voice how you too can get to this point. Just watch this bit to see pure ridiculousness.

Give Me Some Hot and Sexy Hollywood Abs!!

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