Photos of the Day: The Hands That Speak

Photos of the Day: The Hands That Speak

Photography by:  Glenn M. Losack, M.D., NYC

The artful design of a plea for help,
The curves, posture, angles, wrinkles,
The amazing cupped hand,
Speaks a language of its own.

Those of us living in the Western world know relatively little about deeply severe conditions of dire poverty.  Photographic sites seem to pay little attention to and look less than highly on journalistic images that depict the dismal life of those who have been born into a state of devastating poverty.  Photography should educate, enlighten and help to ameliorate the plight of these unfortunate souls, but most of the time it censors it.

The photographs presented here center on the large population of mercilessly impoverished people living in India, an amazing assortment of disenfranchised humans who are begging just to eat and survive another day.  If more people can view the malignant and horrible plight that so many millions of impoverished persons endure, it’s possible they eventually will be more able to offer the empathy and human support such populations require in order to survive.  However, if we continue to shun painful imagery of the dreadfully appalling conditions in our world, we will continue to condone its existence and never offer the assistance that is required.

Simon and Garfunkel Live in Madison Square Garden (2009)

“The Sound of Silence” and “Bridge Over Troubled Water”

(This Stunning Performance is Best Experienced Here in HD Full-Screen)

Slide Show: The Lives of Unfortunate Souls Born into Dire Poverty, Begging to Survive Another Day

(Please Click Image to View this Slide Show)

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Photo of the Day: The Warriors, Angels and Prophets Spread the Word

Photo of the Day: The Warriors, Angels and Prophets Spread the Word

Photography by:  Joseph O. Holmes, NYC

The words of the prophets,
Are written on the subway walls,
And tenement halls,
And whispered in the sounds of silence.

-Simon and Garfunkel, The Sounds of Silence

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