Sleep: And Now the Soul’s Windows are Shuttered

Sleep: And Now the Soul’s Windows are Shuttered

Sleep: And Now the Soul’s Windows are Shuttered

Animation by: Jeff Scher

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Why Women Can’t Sleep: They Have Too Many Balls!

Why Women Can’t Sleep

Have you ever wondered how a woman’s brain works? Well, now it’s finally been explained. You see, when a decision has to be made, or a problem has to be solved, a man only has two balls, and those two little balls take up all of his thoughts. Entirely, all of the time. But women have lots and lots of balls. And every one of those balls is bouncing around thinking about something that needs to be done, a decision or a problem that needs to be solved. Yep. This is exactly why women can’t sleep. Up all nights, over and over.

Don’t get it? Well here, this should explain it all for you in one, easy-to-understand illustration:

Why Women Can’t Sleep: They Have Too Many Balls!

(Please Click on Image to View Explanatory Illustration in Motion)

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While You Were Asleep

The sound of a heavy rain is the result of millions of individual droplets splashing down to earth with surprising volume. The music of a downpour is a velvety hissing sound that approximates white noise, while in the foreground droplets form and drip like heartbeats. The fleeting image of the landscape in the raindrops as they swell from drop to drip is an optical phenomenon, but to some it’s pure magic. And then they form into streams and pulsate hypnotically like radiant quicksilver

Rain: While You Were Asleep

Film by: Jeff Scher

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Portraits of Dreamy Sleeping Men

My Articles for Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Today marks the start of the infamous 1969-70 Chicago Seven Trial of activists charged with plotting to incite riots at the 1968 Chicago DNC. That DNC attracted Vietnam War protesters and civil rights activists. They were faced and attacked by Mayor Richard Daley’s brutal police force.

Drawings, photographs and a video photo-gallery are included.

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In this week’s “Dancing With the Stars,” the most vivid moment on “Boys’ Night” was when the camera showed the faces of the women competitors after model Albert Reed completed a cha-cha-cha. With so many pelvic gyrations, he could easily get a gig as a Chippendale stripper. The women were absolutely agog! The article includes photographs and video.

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“Photo of the Day: Sleeping Beauty.” Every beauty needs a bit of shut-eye, a little beauty rest! This is a stunning, beautiful photograph that is presented for you here in high-resolution.

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Wofford College, the smallest school in Division I football, beat Division I-AA’s top-ranked Appalachian State by a score of 42-31. Fans recall last year’s University of South Carolina game, where Wofford lost a close 27-20 game in the final 5-seconds. This article gives a historic look at this unusual, small college. Photographs and videos are included.

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Photo of the Day: Sleeping Beauty

Photo of the Day: Sleeping Beauty

Photography by: Jeff Sheng

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