Smutley the Sex-Crazed Cat: Gettin’ Hot Tail!!

Smutley the Sex-Crazed Cat: Gettin’ Hot Tail!!

Gettin’ Tail is a hedonistic three-minute 1920s-style black-and-white animated short film, which was directed by Niklas Rissler and Kevin O’Grady at againstallodds for Passion Pictures. You know about those people who just can’t get enough sex? Well, that’s Smutley the Cat for sure. Smutley does not discriminate, and he really craves all kinds of hedonistic, rough and dirty sexual perversions. Smutley will bareback and have wild unprotected sex with anything on two legs, four hooves or even just a couple of flippers if the situation arises. But he’s only able to do this because he’s a cat with nine lives. The rest of us need to protect ourselves with condoms.

The juxtaposition between the film’s basic style, the story and the music (Bad Reputation by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts) is both unexpected and engaging: it puts a smile on your face while reminding you to do the right thing!

Smutley the Sex-Crazed Cat: Gettin’ Hot Tail!!

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