Everything is Practice: A Different Perspective on Soccer

Everything is Practice: A Different Perspective on Soccer

Everything is Practice is a  black-and-white short film, which documents filmmaker and Oscar nominee Spike Lee coaching his son’s soccer league practice in New York City’s Chinatown.  The film guides viewers through the parks and ball fields of New York City, and blends Spike Lee’s distinctive narrative voice with the patter of kicked soccer balls, the chatter of sideline spectators and the constant sounds of the honking, screeching grind of New York City.

Lee’s narrative describes coaching children, his son’s soccer practices, the relationships various people have with soccer and simply being a parent.  The film gives the viewer a new perspective about soccer, very different from the glitz, action and glamor that one sees in the broadcasts of World Cup games.  Behind every goal and every moment in life, everything is practice indeed.

Everything is Practice: A Different Perspective on Soccer

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Good Weather For Airstrikes: The Innocence of a Stolen Kiss

Good Weather For Airstrikes: The Innocence of a Stolen Kiss

Viðrar Vel Til Loftárása (Good Weather For Airstrikes) is a very brave, very emotional song by Sigur Ros, from their 2000 album Ágætis Byrjun, which was recently released in a 10th anniversary edition.  The music video was directed by Arni and Kinski, where the music, the technique, everything is perfect.  Such a masterpiece, and one can’t help but love the innocence of the stolen kiss!

This one is for the U.S. National Soccer team, maybe they’ll celebrate their goals this way in the next match!

Good Weather For Airstrikes: The Innocence of a Stolen Kiss

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Photos of the Day: A Very Sexy Tease

Photos of the Day: A Very Sexy Tease

Photos of the Day: A Very Sexy Tease

Showering After a Long Photo-Shoot

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My Faves for Friday, December 14, 2007

“Photo of the Day: Snow-Garden.” This is a superb, elegant photograph that is presented to you in stunning high-resolution. The photograph is accompanied by a related, delightfully wonderful animated music video, entitled “It’s White Out!!”

I deeply hope that you’ll take a look and enjoy this one!!

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“Cumming is Sexy, Manly, Dark and Creamy.” This piece presents terrific, sexy photographs that are displayed for you in wonderful high-resolution. The composition also includes a very sensual (and unexpectedly hilarious) video that is associated with the photographs.

Just take a look and have yourself a good Laugh!!

[tags: art, design, photographs, humor, gay, video, sexy]


The Best of 2007: In the Britain’s Got Talent competition, the opera singing cell-phone salesman gave a brilliant performance of Puccini’s Nessun Dorma, and Paul Potts was proclaimed the winner of the Britain’s Got Talent Grand Finals competition.

This article includes beautiful photographs and three music videos.

[tags: art, music, Paul Potts, Great Britain, opera singer, photographs, videos]


“Photos of the Day: Julian the Stunning French Soccer Guy.” This piece presents extremely attractive and sensual photographs of the very sexy Julian Hans, a member of the French National Soccer Team.

The composition is accompanied by two alluring videos of Julian’s photo-shoots. Enjoy!!

[tags: sexy, gay, art, design, photographs, video, sports, soccer]


“Magical Pipedreams: A Visual-Musical Holiday Delight.” This piece presents colorful photographs, offered to you in high-resolution. In addition, the composition includes a delightful animated ambient music video. Enjoy!!

[tags: art, design, Magical Pipedreams, music, animation, video, animation video, photographs]

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Photos of the Day: Julian the Stunning French Soccer Guy

Photos of the Day: Julian Hans the Stunning French Soccer Guy

(The French National Soccer Team)

Julian Hans: The French National Soccer Team

Julian Hans Photo Shoot

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My Faves for Friday, December 07, 2007

“Photo of the Day: Storefront-Xmas-Tree.” This is a colorful, delightfully shaded holiday photograph. The photograph is presented for you in stunning high-resolution.

Seasons greetings to all, and I hope that you enjoy this one!!

[tags: Photo of the Day, photograph, Christmas, Xmas]


Josh Groban’s wonderful Christmas album was released in October and is titled Noel. Groban interprets holiday classics without sacrificing an ounce of the charm that has made them so beloved. The album debuted at Number One on the Billboard charts. This article includes great photographs, and two of Josh Groban’s music videos are included.

[tags: celebrities, Josh Grogan, Christmas album, Noel, music, music video, Christmas, photographs]


“Photo of the Day: Santa-Pretzel.” This is a very colorful and humorous holiday photograph. The photograph is presented for your enjoyment in superb high-resolution.

[tags: Photo of the Day, Christmas, Santa Claus, Santa, photograph, photography]


Knut stole German hearts from the moment he stepped out into his enclosure. But the baby polar bear has fans all over the world. Many of them traveled to Berlin this week to help him celebrate his first birthday. They came to Berlin from all over the world.

Photographs, a photo-gallery, and video are included. Enjoy!

[tags: Knut, polar bear, Berlin zoo, Germany, photographs, video]


L’eau Life is an animation film created to explore animating water in motion with water color. It captures both the feel of water and the emotion of being in it. It develops an energy that feels almost hypnotic, but happily so. It became a celebration of both water and summer. Photographs by Annie Leibovitz and the animation video are included

[tags: celebrities, video, animation, animation video, movie, film, animation film]


“The Beckhams Present: Their Pathetic History of Soccer in America.” This piece has a hilarious animation of David and Victoria Beckham coming to Los Angeles. Stunning photographs in high-resolution and the animation video are included.

Take a look and have a good laugh!!

[tags: David Beckham, Victoria Beckham, Posh, humor, video, animation video, sexy]


On its 75th Anniversary and forever young, The Radio City Rockettes and “The Christmas Spectacular” came flying into the Art Deco Radio Music Hall and proved to be nothing less than “Superspectacular.” This article includes wonderful, colorful photographs, and five videos of The Rockettes and this year’s Christmas Spectacular.

Take a look at this one and enjoy!!

[tags: video, music, Christmas, Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular, The Rockettes, Santa Claus, Santa]

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The Beckhams Present: Their Pathetic History of Soccer in America

It’s Just So Exhausting Being Victoria All Day

Big Hat and Big Chest Thingees

Bad Boy Beckham

Very, Very Bad Boy Beckham

Mommy, My Foot Got Hurt Again

And Now Watch Our Little Show Here!!

The Beckhams: A Pathetic History of Soccer in America

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