The Christmas Bell Ringer: Gimme Yer Darn Money!

The Christmas Bell Ringer: Gimme Yer Darn Money!

The Bell Ringer is a humorously delightful animated short film created by Royale, a motion design and production studio in Los Angeles. The film was launched as part of Royale’s interactive holiday site, raising funds for The American Red Cross Disaster Relief in support of those affected by Superstorm Sandy. At the heart of the 25-day fundraising effort is the animated short about Edith, a sweet old lady who sets up shop on a busy street corner to raise money for charity.

Edith, the altruistic bell ringer, embarks on her holiday mission in a faraway land on a wintry city sidewalk. After many fruitless attempts at ringing in the spirit of giving, Edith becomes so frustrated that she angrily hurls her bell at the next uncaring passerby, which causes a coin to curiously bounce her way. Ignored yet again, she throws her bell at another passerby, this time yielding even more coins. Soon, Edith’s red canister is brimming with wads of paper money and a pile of coins, even a shiny engagement ring. The film’s ending reveals a knockout surprise for a noble cause.

The Christmas Bell Ringer: Gimme Yer Darn Money!

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