Photos of the Day: The Taxi Lights of Tokyo

Photos of the Day: The Taxi Lights of Tokyo

Photography by: Joseph O. Holmes, NYC

The Taxi Lights of Tokyo is a wonderful collection of color photographs by New York City street photographer Joseph O. Holmes. It’s an incredible series of images, which captures the spirit of a city that glitters and shines much like Times Square. The photographs reflect a nighttime urban mood that seems always the same, with scenes that are enhanced by the colorful out-of-focus background of other lighted signs.

In light of the devastation unleashed by the recent massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan, readers might wish to consider making a donation to the Japan Society’s Earthquake Relief Fund, or to Doctors Without Borders.

Tokyo Taxis: The Colorful Taxis of the City

Taxi Stand: Taxi Lights in Tokyo

Japan: The Devastation of the Massive Earthquake and Tsunami

Slide Show: The Taxi Lights of Tokyo

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Photo of the Day: The Big Shiny Yellow Checker

Photo of the Day: The Big Shiny Yellow Checker

Photography by:  Joseph O. Holmes, NYC

Late last night I heard the screen door slam,
And a big yellow taxi took away my old man,
Dont it always seem to go,
That you dont know what you’ve got,
‘Til its gone?
They paved paradise,
And put up a parking lot.

-Joni Mitchell, 1970

Joni Mitchell: Big Yellow Taxi (1970)

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