An Intoxicating Musical Tale: That’s Magic!

An Intoxicating Musical Tale: That’s Magic!

That’s Magic! is a fifteen-minute musical short film directed by Brandon McCormick, a dark Dickensian film that reveals a street singer welcoming us into a world so close to ours, but where the deepest meanings of life are sung.  The captivating fable is fabulous in its look and intoxicating in the power of its music.

In the film, a janitor takes his son backstage to meet “The Magician” in order to feel a bit of magic, but the performer’s a sad cynical man whose depression becomes manifest as soon as the theater curtain closes.  He has no magic to show, and no belief in it.  Left alone in his misery, The Magician dwells on the futility of existence, but a mysterious muse emerges from the shadows to guide him on the path to discovering true magic.

An Intoxicating Musical Tale: That’s Magic!

For your listening pleasure the soundtrack for That’s Magic! can be downloaded here.

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