Photo of the Day: The Luscious Miss Plucky

Photo of the Day: The Luscious Miss Plucky

Photography by: Joseph O. Holmes, NYC

Miss Plucky really is a very, very big chicken, and she brings to mind Charlie Chaplin’s 1925 silent film, The Gold Rush. The Gold Rush abounds with now-classic comedy scenes. At one point in the film, during a winter blizzard Chaplin is stuck in a remote, ramshackle cabin with Big Jim McKay. There is absolutely no food left in the cabin, and they are both so famished that the little man suggests making a meal out of one of his shoes. It may sound utterly absurd, but Chaplin extracts unexpected comedy out of this idea. He boils the shoe, and serves it as carefully as if it were a wonderful holiday chicken. He puts the shoe on a plate and gives Big Jim the sole with the protruding nails, taking the upper part of the shoe for himself. Big Jim gazes upon the portion put before him and decides that he would sooner have the upper. Thereupon Charlie treats the laces as if they were delicious spaghetti, and when he comes to eating the sole, he goes about it as if the dish were a duck or a chicken. He eats the “meat” from the nails, and when Chaplin finds a bent nail he offers it as a wishbone to Big Jim.

At one point, Big Jim becomes half-mad with hunger, and in his delirious moments his little companion fades out into a giant chicken. Staring with goggle-eyed amazement at the sight of Big Chicken Charlie, Big Jim is just about to slay what he takes to be a tempting bird, when the image fades back into Charlie. It happens again, and the supposed Big Chicken flees from the cabin out into the snow, and just as the big man is about to shoot, Big Chicken once again dissolves into his little friend. This classic scene of The Big Chicken is presented for you in the video below.

Music Audio: Sad Theme from The Gold Rush:

The Big Chicken: The Gold Rush (1925)

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