Toy Stories: Home Is Where We Start From

Maud: Kalulushi, Zambia

Julia: Tirana, Albania

Tangwizi: Keekorok, Kenya

Reanya: Sepang, Malaysia

Stella: Montecchio, Italy

Chiwa: Mchinji, Malawi

Toy Stories: Home Is Where We Start From

Photography by: Gabriele Galimbert

Toy Stories, by Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti, captures a number of young children’s lives through their prized toys, artfully arranged around them in the homes where they live. It’s an intimate and revealing look at the world’s diverse cultures as experienced by children.

Toy Stories is the kind of work that traverses many levels: it’s a study in photography, socio-economic situations, anthropology and finally, childhood. To the extent that a child’s toys are viewed in terms of a means of play, their use as transitional objects opens pathways to the capacity to be alone and distinctions between “me” and “not-me,” as well as the use of illusion, symbols and objects later in life.

Years later, they will walk out from home looking for the world. For many, an optimistic idealism will witness the real world’s cruelties and heartbreaks, and yet some will find much room for hope.

Toy Story 3: Trailer

Toy Story 3: Partysaurus Rex

Photo-Gallery: Toy Stories: Home Is Where We Start From

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Tufty: An Apocalypto with Teddy Bears

Tufty: An Apocalypto with Teddy Bears

Tufty is an amazing, award-winning short film written and directed by brothers Jason Butler and Brendan Butler, which was produced for Warrior Films through the Filmbase/RTÉ Short Film Award Scheme in 2007. With the holiday season upon us, Tufty provides a heart-wrenching glimpse into the actual origins of teddy bears.

While we’d all like to think our toys come to life when we’re not around, just as they did in Toy Story, Tufty takes an opposite and much more disturbing approach: behind the innocent face of a child’s teddy bear lies a dark and bloody secret. At first glance, Tufty is a cute little bear, a transitional object that is an ideal gift for a young child. But if you return the little teddy bear to its natural habitat, you’ll discover that under his velvet fabric beats a sensitive heart that can flourish under more harmonious conditions.

Tufty: An Apocalypto with Teddy Bears

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Photos of the Day: Tiny Tots in Serious Peril!

Baby Discovered Hanging Under Bus

The Appalling End of Howdy Doody

The Beheaded Plat du Jour

The Tragic Remains of Forgotten Childhood

Kidnapped Barbie Found Under Virgin Mary’s Bush

Very Dirty Barbie

Photos of the Day: Tiny Tots in Serious Peril!

Photography by: Joseph O. Holmes, NYC

Pixar’s One Man Band

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Little Alma: An Unexpectedly Ghoulish Holiday Film!

Little Alma: An Unexpectedly Ghoulish Holiday Film!

Alma is an award winning 5-minute short animation that’s a delightful, but very creepy little film.  In this wintry Christmas-like film, the little girl Alma skips her merry way through the snow-covered streets of a small, quaint village.  Attracted to a strange life-like doll in an antique doll shop window, Anna finds herself drawn into the shop like a moth to a flame.  Now, I won’t tell you what actually happens inside of that dark and scary store, but let’s just say that things don’t work out too well for the shop’s cute little dolls!

Little Alma: An Unexpectedly Ghoulish Holiday Film!

(Most Fun to Watch in Full-Screen Mode)

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