Two Weeks: A Battle Cry to Keep a Relationship Together

Two Weeks: A Battle Cry to  Keep a Relationship Together

Two Weeks is a wonderfully imaginative, acclaimed animated short film created by Gabe Askew, set to the music of Grizzly Bear’s Two Weeks. Describing the animated short, Askew says that he chose the song Two Weeks by his favorite indie band Grizzly Bear because it inspired him.  Even though the video is about two men, he connected the lyrics to his own relationship with his wife.  Askew described his short film as, “The story of a relationship where one person is uncertain of the others loyalty.  You get sucked up into the daily grind and forget to tell the one you love how you feel.  They get insecure and worry that you aren’t committed.  And the line ‘I told you I would stay’ is like a battle cry for fighting to keep your relationship together when it seems to be on the brink.”

Two Weeks: A Battle Cry to Keep a Relationship Together

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Grizzly Bear: Friends with a Bond of Care and Devotion

Grizzly Bear: Friends with a Bond of Care and Devotion

Grizzly Bear is a group of four forward-looking musicians, whose friendship reveals much more than just a willingness to share center stage with like-minded sidekicks. Their newest EP, Friends, shows evidence of a musical maturation that reveals a strengthening artistic bond between the four forward-looking musicians who, as their recent musical works make easy to forget, found each other just three years ago.

With appearances now ranging from frequent appearances in small East Village clubs, to national tours and performances throughout Europe, and even a recent critically acclaimed concert in Los Angeles with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, critics have said that Grizzly Bear’s music reveals an extraordinary leap forward in conviction and virtuosity that is practically unheard of. Their response to such acclaim might perhaps be best captured by the title of a song that Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste helped contribute to an album produced as a tribute to Björk: Possibly Maybe. Grizzly Bear remains playfully modest.

Grizzly Bear: While You Wait for the Others

Grizzly Bear: Two Weeks (From Friend)

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