A Backbone Tale: The Beauty of Ugliness

A Backbone Tale: The Beauty of Ugliness

Une Histoire Vertebrale (A Backbone Tale) is an award-winning short animated film by Jérémy Clapin, which in the classic comic tradition manages to be sadly touching, romantic and funny.  In our eternal race to find love and happiness, some unfortunate souls start with a handicap, as is the case of the sad little man we join in this film.  A malformation of his backbone forces our hero to walk with his head held low, permanently fixed toward the ground.

How on earth is he supposed to search for happiness, to find his loved one, when all that his eyes can see are his own little feet?  And who’s going love him, someone who looks so sad, terribly lonely, and very different from other people?  The emotional state of this poor little fellow, his loneliness and quest to find another human being like him, reveals a profound analysis of the alienation and frustration of people: man needs to live with other men.

A Backbone Tale: The Beauty of Ugliness

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