Us: On Love, Trust, Loss and Regrets

Us: On Love, Trust, Loss and Regrets

Us is an award winning, thought-provoking short film directed by James Blick that explores issues of trust and intimacy, showing us how fragile those things are.  In all of our relationships, we make choices that are sometimes right and sometimes wrong, but always with consequences.

In Us, a series of flashbacks captures a woman’s memories of her former lover.  They trusted each other, and everything else depended upon that.  But what happens when trust is broken, and loving relationships can no longer be sustained?  When we end up left all alone, are we destined to live with our regrets through a forsaken life of melancholy reminiscence?

Us: On Love, Trust, Loss and Regrets

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Barack Obama Sails to Mississippi Primary Victory

Senator Barack Obama coasted to victory in Mississippi’s Democratic primary on Tuesday, the most recent in a series of presidential contests across the Deep South.  He won the primary by a 24 percent margin, receiving 61 percent of the votes to Clinton’s 37 percent.  Obama’s win serves as his final preparation for next month’s high-stakes Pennsylvania primary.  Mississippi has 33 national convention delegates at stake, and Obama hopes that his win is sizable enough to erase most if not all of Clinton’s 11-delegate gain from last week, when she won three primaries.

Obama Discusses His Mississippi Primary Victory

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Barack Obama: Change We Can Believe In

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