Photos of the Day: Portraits of Naked, Beautiful Immortals

Photos of the Day: Portraits of Naked, Beautiful Immortals

Photography by:  Vee Speers, Paris

Immortal is a stunning work of photo-based art by the Parisian photographer Vee Speers, a work which creates a new world that merges Mona Lisa charm and mystery, with the melancholy of Dorian Gray.   At once alluring and disquieting, these portraits of naked, beautiful young people are set against backdrops of Eden-like natural beauty, or scenes of post-apocalyptic destruction.

What makes Immortal work so well is the direct gaze that Speers elicits from her subjects.  The look is genuine, whether it’s detached, disdainful, modest, defiant, arrogant, melancholy, worried, or puffed up with peacock machismo.  These Immortals are all like tragic fallen angels, eyes opened with animal intelligence, looking out onto an uncertain future, not even aware of how perfectly beautiful they appear to be right now.

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Slide Show: Portraits of Naked, Beautiful Immortals

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