Enter the Void: The Dark World of Sex, Money and Power

Enter the Void: The Dark World of Sex, Money and Power

Enter the Void is an award-winning film by French filmmaker Gaspar Noé, a psychedelic visual ride through the nighttime metropolis of drug dealers, drug abusers, pole dancers, love-hotel clients, murder and death.  Set primarily in Tokyo, and most often at night, the film is divided into two sections.  In the first part, a young American (Oscar) smokes some hallucinogens, and as the screen explodes with phosphorescent, biomorphic forms, he walks through the city, buying and selling drugs, and discussing the Tibetan Book of the Dead.  In the second section, Oscar’s spirit appears to separate from his apparently dying body, gazing down at the bleeding man curled on the floor.  The flesh will surely rot, but his spirit continues the journey, plunging even deeper into the night and darker memories.

This piece includes the VFX (Visual Effects) for Enter the Void, created by the French visual effects studio, BUF, which also produced the film.  Taking on almost 350 of the films shots over the course of 2 years, BUF added to and even rebuilt many shots to complete the spiritual and hallucinogenic vision of Gaspar Noé.  This article also presents the full-version of Mr. Noé’s movie, Enter the Void.

VFX for Enter the Void

Enter the Void: The Dark World of Sex, Money and Power

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