My Faves for Friday, December 07, 2007

“Photo of the Day: Storefront-Xmas-Tree.” This is a colorful, delightfully shaded holiday photograph. The photograph is presented for you in stunning high-resolution.

Seasons greetings to all, and I hope that you enjoy this one!!

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Josh Groban’s wonderful Christmas album was released in October and is titled Noel. Groban interprets holiday classics without sacrificing an ounce of the charm that has made them so beloved. The album debuted at Number One on the Billboard charts. This article includes great photographs, and two of Josh Groban’s music videos are included.

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“Photo of the Day: Santa-Pretzel.” This is a very colorful and humorous holiday photograph. The photograph is presented for your enjoyment in superb high-resolution.

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Knut stole German hearts from the moment he stepped out into his enclosure. But the baby polar bear has fans all over the world. Many of them traveled to Berlin this week to help him celebrate his first birthday. They came to Berlin from all over the world.

Photographs, a photo-gallery, and video are included. Enjoy!

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L’eau Life is an animation film created to explore animating water in motion with water color. It captures both the feel of water and the emotion of being in it. It develops an energy that feels almost hypnotic, but happily so. It became a celebration of both water and summer. Photographs by Annie Leibovitz and the animation video are included

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“The Beckhams Present: Their Pathetic History of Soccer in America.” This piece has a hilarious animation of David and Victoria Beckham coming to Los Angeles. Stunning photographs in high-resolution and the animation video are included.

Take a look and have a good laugh!!

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On its 75th Anniversary and forever young, The Radio City Rockettes and “The Christmas Spectacular” came flying into the Art Deco Radio Music Hall and proved to be nothing less than “Superspectacular.” This article includes wonderful, colorful photographs, and five videos of The Rockettes and this year’s Christmas Spectacular.

Take a look at this one and enjoy!!

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The Beckhams Present: Their Pathetic History of Soccer in America

It’s Just So Exhausting Being Victoria All Day

Big Hat and Big Chest Thingees

Bad Boy Beckham

Very, Very Bad Boy Beckham

Mommy, My Foot Got Hurt Again

And Now Watch Our Little Show Here!!

The Beckhams: A Pathetic History of Soccer in America

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A Second-Rate Drag-Routine: The Spice Girl’s “Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)”


Ten years after Wannabe, said to have been the best-selling single by a female group in the history of musical recording, the Spice Girls have brought out a new single. It attempts to serve as an overture to the world tour that the group is set to begin next month. The whole thing is really very tragic: the song, the tour, what life has done to the girls in the past 10 years, and not to mention what’s happened to the society they helped to create. They should just stay at home, grow old gracefully and look back in wonder at how once they walked hand in hand with the defining mood of the late 1990s. This time the zeitgeist is certainly not with them, nor they with it.

In their new song, Headlines, they sing: “I wanna tell the world I’m giving it up for you.” Oh, really? The video is soft porn without the sex, no more than some tricky lighting, ditzy angles, phoney enthusiasm and calculated lies. Victoria is in bondage gear. Those bubbly, boisterous, noisy, tuneful, natural girls have turned themselves into airbrushed, skinny, desperate housewives, overanxious to entice, ribs showing, faces blank from Botox. And now they’re all mothers, except Sporty, the one with the voice, who still looks halfway human and who not even airbrushing can help.

Peter Aspden wrote this recent review in England’s Financial Times:

“Perhaps it is the cold nights of November drawing in, or possibly just a rank bad mood. But I ask: has there been anything so repellent in British cultural life as the new song and video by the Spice Girls? It is called “Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)“, a title that hints at the momentousness of the much heralded reunion of the five women after several years of moody estrangement.

To judge by the video, it is the kind of reunion I imagine when the former states of Yugoslavia get together to discuss mutual sewage needs. They slink into a dark room in slow motion and adopt a series of pouts and poses that would shame a $10 drag act. The two members of the group who consider themselves sufficiently thin to be attractive are semi-disrobed. The others remain shrouded and shadowy. None of them relates to any of their freshly reacquainted friends. The sophistication of digital trickery forces us to ask: are they in the same room?”

It’s really, really dreadful. Take a listen here:

The Spice Girls: “Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)”

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Victoria Beckham’s America: Hollywood Frills, Diamond Dildos and Other Fictions

Have you heard? They hated my television program. The creeps.

Yes, very sadly, it’s true. Victoria has been terribly misunderstood and subjected to the most vile sorts of public criticism. For example, Linda Stasi had the nerve to write this in the New York Post:

NBC should get down on its knees and make a giant no vena of thanks that soccer star David Beckham was called back to Europe before it could finish filming his relentlessly self-promoting wife’s reality series, “Victoria Beckham: Coming to America.”

And, while we’re at it, the aforementioned relentlessly self-promoting wife should do the same.

If this weren’t a one-shot deal and people were exposed to her vapid, condescending behavior on a weekly basis, she’d not just be unwelcome in America, she’d be run out on a rail – whatever that means.

Anyway, the proposed series, now downsized to a one-hour “special,” is an orgy of self-indulgence so out of whack with, er, reality that you’ll sit there slack-jawed at the gall of these people who think we are that stupid.”

If that wasn’t enough public humiliation for poor Victoria to suffer, Allessandra Standley published these horrible comments in The New York Times:

There has to be something going on behind the scenes because there is no other way to explain so much time and videotape spent on the moving arrangements of Mr. Beckham’s wife. Mrs. Beckham, the once and future Spice Girl nicknamed Posh, is somewhat famous for being sort of famous, and is photographed a lot in Britain, a nation so open to media hypnosis that a Web site devoted to the ripening of a 44-pound wheel of cheddar has received more than a million Internet hits. (As of today Wedginald is on Day 206.)

And watching Victoria Beckham: Coming to America is a little like that site, — although the cheddar probably has an ounce or two on Mrs. Beckham, who is also famous for being thin but with very large breasts.

Seriously, do they look that big, do they really?” she asks, shaking her décolletage during a coffee-shop confrontation with the gossip blogger known as Perez Hilton. “They’re not that big in the flesh,” she explains. The blogger agrees and says he would really prefer a nude picture of Mrs. Beckham’s husband.”

Mr. Beckham’s move to Los Angeles has been promoted by AEG, Mr. Anschutz’s company, with even more than the usual meteor shower of publicity that surrounds a movie opening. The arrival is more like a giant P.R. asteroid hurtling toward Earth.”

I have waited a couple of days to collect my thoughts about all of this. First of all, I was very happy to see that Victoria is taking up right where The Anna Nicole Show left off. Anna, of course, had no real friends. She only had the people that she paid to be around her, like the infamous Bobby Trendy and Howard K. Stern (and I do miss them so). Victoria stepped right into that big empty place, filling it in with her own entourage of faux-friends, including her make-up artist and hair stylist “pals,” to name just a couple.

Second, as you will see in the video that is presented below, Victoria has an incredibly talented, astonishing on-screen presence. Or, as she would put it, “Major.” The best example that I can point out of that amazing talent is her coffee-shop interview with the self-proclaimed gossip-queen Perez Hilton. Victoria Beckham actually manages to make Perez Hilton look something like a real human being, which probably has never occurred on American television previously.

Then, Victoria gives us a discreet, tasteful look at what it’s like to be the honored guest at an afternoon “High Tea” with the golden-haired, Botoxed and bosomy matrons of the super-exclusive “Beverly Hills Socialites Club.” That’s where you get an up-close and real personal look at what real Hollywood money is all about!!

Finally, you should know that The L. A. Times came out with the extremely embarrassing report that David Beckham spent $1.8 million on a diamond-encrusted dildo for Victoria. Of course, true lady that she is, Victoria responded that she doesn’t have it. But since other ditzy Hollywood socialites, like Paris Hilton, have been known to lose things like that down there, Victoria’s disclaimer certainly doesn’t mean that she never had it!

And now for a few modest photographs:

Victoria Beckham: Coming to America

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