A Small Memorial to Fred W. McDarrah (1926-2007)

Veteran Village Voice photographer Fred W. McDarrah died in his sleep at home in Greenwich Village early last Tuesday morning at the age of 81. Over a 50-year span, McDarrah documented the rise of the Beat Generation, the city’s postmodern art movement, its off-off-Broadway actors, troubadours, politicians, agitators and social protests.

Fred captured Jack Kerouac frolicking with women at a New Year’s bash in 1958, Andy Warhol adjusting a movie-camera lens in his silver-covered factory, and Bob Dylan offering a salute of recognition outside Sheridan Square near the Voices old office. Not just a social reporter, McDarrah was a great photo-journalist. He photographed the still-smoldering ruins of the Weather Underground bomb factory on W. 12th Street.

For years, McDarrah was the Village Voice’s only photographer and, for decades, he ran the Voice’s photo department. He helped train dozens of young photographers, including James Hamilton, Sylvia Plachy, Robin Holland and Marc Asnin. His mailbox was simply marked “McPhoto.”

The Photography of Fred McDarrah

Music Audio: Going to a Town

The Photography of Fred W. McDarrah: The Village Voice

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Photos of the Day: Red for Burma

Images of Religious Life in Burma

Video Photo-Gallery: Burma Monk Demonstrations

Burma Junta Kills Japanese Reporter

(Caution: Disturbing Video Footage)

The Burma Junta: Ethnic Cleansing in East Burma

For interested readers, Andrew Sullivan has made a number of posts about recent events in Burma in The Atlantic Magazine.

And The Associated Press has filed recent reports about developments regarding the demonstrations.

The Guardian (U.K.) is also reporting on the Burma demonstrations.

One exiled blogger in particular, Ko Htike, said to be a student in London, has attracted intense interest and received many photographs and eye-witness accounts that he posts on his site, www.ko-htike.blogspot.com.

Recent reporting from the BBC.

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