Wofford College Falls to Wisconsin in NCAA Tournament Heartbreaker, 53-49

Wofford College Falls to Wisconsin in NCAA Tournament Heartbreaker , 53-49

Wofford College was tied with the University of Wisconsin with 1:17 left in the game, but came up short in a 53-49 final score.  Wofford was down by eight points at the half, but used a 12-4 run to tie the game four minutes into the second half and kept it a one possession game until the final seconds of the NCAA Tournament game at Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena.

Wofford ends the season with a 26-9 record, the most wins in school history, while Wisconsin is 24-8 overall.  Wofford was a #13 seed in their first-ever NCAA Basketball Tournament appearance. Wisconsin was a #4 seed and advances to the second round.

Wofford College Falls to Wisconsin in NCAA Tournament Heartbreaker, 53-49

You can read more about Wofford’s game against Wisconsin  here.

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NCAA Basketball Tournament East Regional: Wofford College Plays University of Wisconsin

NCAA Basketball Tournament East Regional: Wofford Plays University of Wisconsin

On Sunday, an enthusiastic gathering of Wofford students, alumni and other supporters joined the 2010 Southern Conference basketball champions on the Wofford College campus, and learned the team’s destination for the NCAA Basketball Tournament.  Wofford will head to Jacksonville (FL) to play the University of Wisconsin on Friday.

Wofford finished the regular season with a 26-8 record and earned a No. 13 seed in the NCAA tournament.  The Wisconsin Badgers, who earned the No. 4 seed in the East Regional, enter the tournament with a 23-8 overall record.  The trip marks the first time in program history that Wofford has earned a bid to the NCAA Tournament.  Wofford enters the tournament as the Southern Conference champion.

The winner of Wofford’s first-round game will then face the winner of the game between No. 5 seed Temple and No. 12 seed Cornell University on Sunday, March 21.

NCAA Basketball Tournament Selections: Wofford College Plays Univ. of Wisconsin

2009 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament: One Shining Moment (Luther Vandross)

Listen to Wofford College Coach Mike Young’s wonderful comments about his players on Wofford’s Southern Conference Championship team on NPR’s Only A Game here.

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The Martin JetPak: A $100,000 Nerdy Flying Machine

The Martin JetPak: A $100,000 Nerdy Flying Machine

On Tuesday, New Zealand inventor Glenn Martin displayed at a Wisconsin air show what he describes as the ultimate personal flying machine, the world’s first practical jetpack. Modern-day attempts to build jetpacks have evolved from the 1940’s and 50s comic book marvels and early television-series heroes, such as Buck Rogers, Rocketman, Commander Cody, Captain Video, and Tom Corbett (Space Cadet). Since the 1960s, science geeks have built a number of real jetpack designs from metal, plastic and propellant, but none has been able to fly for more than a minute.

But Mr. Martin’s jetpak is said to be able to run for 30 minutes. The contraption doesn’t look much like the classic jetpacks of science fiction. It stands five feet tall, rests on three legs and its rotors look a bit like cupcakes. Mr. Martin has somehow been able to make the future look pretty nerdy. It is also not, to put it bluntly, a jet. Mr. Martin acknowledges that a gasoline-powered engine runs the Martin JetPack, not really jets as we know them today. He explains that the gas-powered engine creates a jet of air. According to Martin, most important thing is that it flies.

And just how well does this very, very noisy dream machine fly? Well so far, the ultimate personal flying machine that is priced at $100,000 hasn’t flown any higher than six feet. That’s about $17,000 a foot.

A Preview: The Ultimate Personal Flying Machine

Wisconsin Air Show: The Premier of The Martin JetPak

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Obama Vanquishes Clinton in Wisconsin: Rolls to Ninth Straight Win

Senator Barack Obama soundly defeated Hillary Clinton in yesterday’s Wisconsin Democratic primary. With his double-digit 58% to 41% victory, Obama racked up a ninth consecutive win over Clinton in the presidential campaign. Very early reports from the Hawaii caucuses have Obama headed toward a landslide triumph over Clinton there, leading her by a 77% to 23% margin. A win in Hawaii would extend Obama’s win streak to ten consecutive victories over the Senator from New York.

In what is now becoming a common, but somewhat bizarre pattern in her political behavior, Clinton once again made arrangements to flee the primary state that she has just lost. This time, she didn’t even stick around long enough to see the voting results begin to come in. Instead, she managed to arrange a “practice speech” in Youngstown, Ohio. Once again, she failed to extend any word of congratulations to Obama. Reportedly, at her engagement in Ohio, Clinton even ignored the fact that the Wisconsin voting actually had taken place on Tuesday, although she found the time to thank a high school marching band.

Obama had entered the Wisconsin contest with a great deal of momentum. In addition, with a substantial number of liberal Democratic voters centered in and around Madison, it was anticipated that he would win. In recent days, though, Clinton had invested a noticeably increased amount of time and money campaigning in Wisconsin, hoping against hope to shut down Obama’s eight-state winning streak before she confronted the decisive contests in Ohio and Texas on March 4th. However, Obama’s winning streak has given Obama a lead in the pledged delegate count and a boom in his campaign’s momentum heading into those crucial March 4th votes.

Obama Speaks in Houston: Wisconsin Results Thrill Supporters

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Barack Obama: Hope Changes Everything

Music Audio: We Are the World


Barack Obama: Change We Can Believe In

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