Yes We Can! President Obama’s Landmark Health Reform Bill Approved!

Yes We Can! President Obama’s Landmark Health Reform Bill Approved!

Congress gave final approval on Sunday night to historic health reform legislation that will provide medical coverage to tens of millions of uninsured Americans and remake the nation’s health care system along the lines initially proposed by President Obama.  When the decisive 216th vote went up on the electronic tally board in the House chamber, Democrats erupted in cheers and reprised the “Yes, we can!” chant from the Obama presidential campaign.

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Obama Concludes His Presidential Campaign : “Fire it Up! Ready to Go!”

Obama Concludes His Presidential Campaign : “Fire it Up! Ready to Go!”

Barack Obama saved his biggest Virginia rally for last, speaking to a jam-packed event in Manassas (VA) with 90,000 people in attendance. For his conclusion, he reached back to the beginnings of his presidential campaign to tell an inspirational story that lahad long ago fallen away from his speaking routine.

The story he told was about a long drive, a rainy day and how one person can make a difference. It was inspired by a small 60 year-old woman he met during a visit to tiny Greenwood, South Carolina, in 2007 and became a favorite during his Iowa caucus campaign. It ends with Obama leading a cheer of “Fire it up, Ready to Go!

Obama ended the event on Tuesday evening by exhorting the large crowd: “In 21 hours, if you are willing to endure rainfall, to take the person who was not going to vote to the polls, if you will stand with me in a fight with me, I know that your voice will matter. I have one question for you, Virginia. Are you fired up? Are you ready to go? Fired up? Ready to go? Fired up! Ready to go! Virginia, let’s go change the world!

Obama’s Final Rally: “Fire it Up! Ready to Go!”

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Music Video: Yes We Can!

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