Yours Truly: The Ultimate Kiss-Off Letter

Yours Truly: The Ultimate Kiss-Off Letter

Yours Truly is a truly amazing stop-motion animated eight-minute short film by the British animation genius, Osbert Parker.  The film was nominated for Best Short Animated Film by BAFTA in 2008 and won the Best Short Film, British Animation Awards in 2008.  Despite widespread critical acclaim, Yours Truly has not been available on DVD, nor accessible online until now.

The film’s dark, hard-boiled plot builds upon both the atmosphere and characters of famous film-noir movies of the past.  It’s a crazy combination of stop-motion, cut-out animation and live action that creates a new and strangely re-imagined mean streets of 1940’s Los Angeles, where animated photos of people get out of model cars then turn into real life actors. The impact of Yours Truly is so powerful that you won’t be able to take your eyes away from this wonderful world of shadows, guns, femmes-fatales, and love mixed with betrayal and murder.  Try imagining Casablanca mixed with Double Indemnity on peyote, then shut your eyes and you’ll get the idea.

I double-dare you to watch this movie while trying to eat a juicy bacon cheeseburger!!

Yours Truly: The Ultimate Kiss-Off Letter

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