Happy Holidays: The 2008 Yuletide Fireplace

Happy Holidays: The 2008 Yuletide Fireplace

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My Faves for Friday, December 14, 2007

“Photo of the Day: Snow-Garden.” This is a superb, elegant photograph that is presented to you in stunning high-resolution. The photograph is accompanied by a related, delightfully wonderful animated music video, entitled “It’s White Out!!”

I deeply hope that you’ll take a look and enjoy this one!!

[tags: art, design, photograph, animation, video]


“Cumming is Sexy, Manly, Dark and Creamy.” This piece presents terrific, sexy photographs that are displayed for you in wonderful high-resolution. The composition also includes a very sensual (and unexpectedly hilarious) video that is associated with the photographs.

Just take a look and have yourself a good Laugh!!

[tags: art, design, photographs, humor, gay, video, sexy]


The Best of 2007: In the Britain’s Got Talent competition, the opera singing cell-phone salesman gave a brilliant performance of Puccini’s Nessun Dorma, and Paul Potts was proclaimed the winner of the Britain’s Got Talent Grand Finals competition.

This article includes beautiful photographs and three music videos.

[tags: art, music, Paul Potts, Great Britain, opera singer, photographs, videos]


“Photos of the Day: Julian the Stunning French Soccer Guy.” This piece presents extremely attractive and sensual photographs of the very sexy Julian Hans, a member of the French National Soccer Team.

The composition is accompanied by two alluring videos of Julian’s photo-shoots. Enjoy!!

[tags: sexy, gay, art, design, photographs, video, sports, soccer]


“Magical Pipedreams: A Visual-Musical Holiday Delight.” This piece presents colorful photographs, offered to you in high-resolution. In addition, the composition includes a delightful animated ambient music video. Enjoy!!

[tags: art, design, Magical Pipedreams, music, animation, video, animation video, photographs]

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Photo of the Day: Snow-Garden

Rare Video from the Led Zeppelin Reunion Concert

Led Zeppelin: Stairway to Heaven ( December 9th, 2007)

The Led Zeppelin reunion concert in London on Monday night has been winning rave reviews. The Washington Post claimed that, “By the time they finish their second and third songs — ‘Ramble On’ and ‘Black Dog’ — it is becoming clear that, even if they are not gods who walk the Earth as men, these are no mere mortals before us. And this is going to be no mere rock show. We are witnessing history.” The Wall Street Journal reported that Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham, the son of John Bonham, Zeppelin’s original drummer, who died in 1980, “mixed their brand of rock and metal with an authority that suggested they still might be the best rock band in the world.”

If you’ve read these reviews and wondered just how great “Stairway to Heaven” sounded, you won’t be finding out on YouTube. in response to media companies’ lawsuits, YouTube has greatly stepped up its efforts to catch copyrighted content, and thus most of the Zeppelin clips lead to a dead end. Click on them and you find the warning in bold letters, “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Warner Music Group.”

So please enjoy the video of their performance that I was able to post here. After all, since they have no plans to ever tour again, I am posting the video for purely educational and artistic reasons.

And it’s a Chritstmas present to you!!

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