My Faves for Saturday, December 08, 2007

“Photos of the Day: Vintage Christmas “Found Photos.” This is a set of vintage Christmas “found photos.” They range from the humorous, to the downright strange. My personal favorite is “The Most Unfortunate Midnight Mass Ever.”

For a good chuckle, take a look at these. Best wishes and Happy Holidays to all!!

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“There are times I worry about what happens to our country,” Oprah Winfrey said, addressing a sea of people in an 80,000 person capacity stadium in South Carolina. “For the very first time in my life, I feel compelled to stand up and speak out for the man who…has a new vision for America.”

Includes photographs and the video of Oprah’s speech.

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This is an animated film by Jeff Scher, a portrait of his son from infancy until he was a few years old. The film came from the notion that his son wouldn’t remember these years. The more Scher drew, the more he realized that he didn’t recall them clearly either.

The article includes colorful prints, as well as the animation video. Enjoy!!

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An Oedipal Storyline: You Won’t Remember This

The Animated Life: You Won’t Remember This

Jeffrey Scher is an artist who is fascinated with vision, in particular the persistence of vision, the ability of the human mind to create the illusion of movement from disparate images. The New York-based filmmaker defines himself not as an animator, but rather as a painter working in motion. Scher’s montages, or “collisions” of visuals and sound, are dizzying arrays of color, light, figures, and forms that flit about like unruly thoughts, tricking the eye and revealing unexpected visual harmonies.

You Won’t Remember This is a piece that was inspired by his 18-month-old son, a rotoscoped re-creation of the evolution of vision during the first years of life. “I’ve tried to reproduce those early primal visuals from the infant’s point of view,” he has said, “by examining the way optical focus and color perception develop, and how the figurative and the abstract blur together and get sorted out over time.”

The film is a portrait of his son, Buster, from his first week of life until he was a few years old. The film came from the impression that Buster wouldn’t remember these years, as, indeed, he doesn’t seem to, but the more Scher drew the more he realized that he didn’t remember them as clearly as he thought he would, either. From Scher’s perspective, there is something about the omnivorous now in parenting, the constantly shifting challenges and demands of the moment, that creates a kind of rolling amnesia for everything yesterday. This film is an attempt to hold onto some of these moments and also to share them with Buster, who is now an articulate, opinionated, sugar- and movie-obsessed seven-year-old.

Scher’s work is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. He’s always searching for new ways of seeing. “How images layer up on the eye and the relationship between image and afterimage are triggers for powerful emotions,” he’s observed. “I want to make people feel, so I create aesthetic meals for the eyes.”

You Won’t Remember This

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Articles from Wednesday, October 03, 2007

It hasn’t a year for “models” on “Dancing with the Stars.” Plus, Albert Reed turned his Quickstep routine into a bizarre “skipping and prancing” shtick. So, the show dropped Reed on Tuesday night. The model’s dancing downfall seemed to come as a shock to both the judges and the audience.

Photographs, photo-gallery and videos included.

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Randy Pausch didn’t want his last lecture to be about dying. But he is, sadly, dying of pancreatic cancer. He knows it’s a painful way to go. When he gave his final lecture last month, he wanted to demonstrate that his focus remains, as always, on living, or on living in the process of dying.

A Photograph and remarkably unforgettable videos are included.

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“Photo of the Day: Quebec Cirque Eloize.” This is an absolutely gorgeous black and white photograph of Quebec Cirque Eloize performers, presented for your enjoyment in stunning high-resolution.

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Politicians like to get a warm welcome when they go on TV talk shows, but the one House Speaker Nancy Pelosi got Tuesday on “The View” was downright hot and sexy! !

With Barbara Walters leading the charge, Whoopi and Barbara started flirting with the speaker’s husband, and things very quickly went downhill from there!

A Photograph and the video are included.

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Photo of the Day: You Can’t Go Home Again

Lump and Split: Order is in the Mind of the Tagger

There was a time when it was assumed that God had created a perfectly ordered the universe.  Within that universe, we assumed that each thing had its own place, clustered with other things like it, but also each being essentially different from the other things in the cluster.  The clusters were themselves clustered, creating a Grand Tree of Everything, each branching determined by a perfectly unambiguous definition.

But, although God knew all of the the definitions, it was often hard for mere mortals to grasp exactly what it was that He had in mind.  What were the most relevant principles guiding decisions about likeness and difference?  For example, did it matter more where they lived, how they looked, or how they behaved?

Finally, we got past the notion that there must be a single right order.  Now, for all of those who want to know their universe the task of creating order in the world is more like:  Go forth and lump and split.  “Lump” and “split,” are, surprisingly, technical terms currently in use among professional indexers.  A “Lumper” takes things that seem disparate and combines them because they have something similar.  A “Splitter” tends to take two things that are lumped together and separate them into smaller categories. Indexers tend to be one or the other, their technique driven by their personality.

So, go forth into your world and Lump and Split.  Order is in the eye of the tagger.

Read more here: Social Tagging

You are invited to look at the manner in which I tag in my own home library:

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My Home Library is Open for Guests

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Visitors are welcome to browse through a selection of books from my home library. This small collection covers a wide range of reading interests, and reflects some of the ways that I think about a number of social and cultural issues. Careful readers will perceive that the particular selection of books being offered, along with the detailed manner in which the books are tagged, tells a story.

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Like a Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Simon and Garfunkle: Like a Bridge Over Troubled Waters

New York City: The Old Friends Reunion Tour

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