Photo of the Day: Very Sexy Strings

Photo of the Day: Very Sexy Strings

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Coney Island: From Playground for the World to the Last Fireworks

The Old Nathan’s Famous Frankfurters

Wonderful Gold Pasties: The Coney Island Mermaid Parade

The Clam Bar

The Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Ride

The Tiny Stock Car Service Truck Ride

The Coney Island Swingin’ Swinger

Old Timey Coney Island Characters

From World Playground to the Last Fireworks

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Manhattan Mayhem: Aliens, Sexy Beasts and Bang-On Bling

Manhattan Mayhem: Aliens, Sexy Beasts and Bling-Bling

Scarey Aliens Stalking in Washington Square Park

Eyebrow Look and Much More

Studly Chest of Chests

Macho Boxer Hugs

Manly Push-Ups

Bang-On Mannequins

Bang-Up T’s

Manhattan Mayhem

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Looking at You: And You the Same

On Attachment: Looking at You, Looking at Me, Looking at You

Looking at You: And You The Same

Feeling Connected

I’m looking at you
Looking at me
Looking at you
And you the same.

Disembedded, 2005


Looking at You, Looking at Me, Looking at You

Please Note: I have written a comment about this posting, and I hope very deeply that you might read it and, perhaps, respond. My very best wishes to you.
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Revisiting the Village People’s Astonishingly Awful “Can’t Stop the Music”

The Village People: Can’t Stop the Music

The Village People: Can’t Stop the Music

The Village People: Can’t Stop the Music

In 1980, The Village People starred in the motion picture musical Can’t Stop the Music. One reviewer of the film wrote: “This movie is amazing. Rarely in the history of mankind have we seen a movie so incredibly awful that it becomes a must-see film.” The movie won Razzie Awards for Worst Picture and Worst Screenplay in 1981. It also was nominated for five other Razzie Awards, including ones for Worst Actor (Bruce Jenner), Worst Actress (Valerie Perrine) and Worst Original Song (Can’t Stop the Music).

Described elsewhere as “a train wreck” of a movie, it is mind-boggling to think of this vehicle for The Village People, which also starred Steve Guttenberg and the athlete Bruce Jenner, as a serious, big-budget Hollywood motion picture. But it was. Furthermore, everything about the movie seemed to be in massive denial about who the Village People really were.

It was extremely difficult choosing the movie’s “Best-Worst Scene” to present here, so here are three musical scenes for your enjoyment: Milkshake, YMCA and Can’t Stop The Music (the Live Grand Finalé in San Francisco):

Can’t Stop the Music: Milkshake

Can’t Stop the Music: YMCA

The Live Grand Finalé in San Francisco: Can’t Stop the Music

Here Are Two Original, Vintage Village People Recordings, YMCA and Macho Man:

The Village People: YMCA

The Village People: Macho Man

And a Very Special Bonus, The Village People’s Megamix Medley:

The Village People: Megamix Medley:

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Photo of the Day: At 5:14 a.m.

Photo of the Day: At 5:14 a.m.

On Silence: No Whispers, No Sighs

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Football’s Magic Game Features 15 Laterals on Last Play to Winning Touchdown

A Division III football game on Saturday ended with a spectacular play that featured 15 lateral passes eating up a minute of time past the end of regulation and culminated in a touchdown that gave Trinity University of Texas a come-from-behind 28-24 victory over Millsaps University. The game, played in at Millsaps in Jackson, Mississippi, seemed to be all but over with two seconds left on the clock. Trinity was in possession in possession of the ball but behind. A forward pass was completed, but it appeared to fall far short of the end zone. Then the Trinitiy receiver lateraled the ball, and the recipient lateraled it again. This video of the unbelievable game ending shows the rest!!

Trinity University’s 15-Lateral Pass Final Play

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