The Poor in America: Friends and Neighbors in the Heartland

The Poor in America: Friends and Neighbors in the Heartland

For some people, our economy may be turning around, but millions of families are at risk of going hungry, in one of the richest nations on earth.  The poorest people in America are those who are the first to feel the downturn, and will be the last to feel the country’s financial recovery.  The hardworking poor in America’s heartland, with their long and deep traditions in mining, manufacturing and military service, are increasingly seen in food pantry lines, feeling ashamed and angry.  Their stories and images push beyond stereotypes and reveal a hidden America of families living in poverty, which is both surprising and haunting.

Friends and Neighbors: The Recession’s Unseen Victims

Poverty in the Hills of Central Appalachia

A Hidden America: Children of the Appalachian Mountains

Kris Kristofferson: This Old Road

Slide Show: The Poor in America/Friends and Neighbors in the Heartland

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Subprime: Watching the American Housing Bubble Burst

Subprime: Watching the American Housing Bubble Burst

Subprime by Mike Winkelmann is a musical short film, an isometric 3D animation and a remarkable visual commentary on America’s present socioeconomic situation all in one. The short film allows you to watch the American housing market spiral out of control, in a cool low-poly 3D style and with lovely animations. The gluttonous drive for more, bigger and better becomes no longer sustainable, and the bubble ultimately bursts, as we have recently witnessed. In Subprime, the housing market’s escalating trajectory and collapse is visually played out before our eyes with an animated series of houses building and then suddenly deconstructing.

Subprime: Watching the American Housing Bubble Burst

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