The Curse: A Quietly Devastating Love Story

The Curse: A Quietly Devastating Love Story

He opens his eyes
Falls in love at first sight
With the girl in the doorway
What beautiful lines
Heart full of life
After thousands of years,
What a face to wake up to.

The Curse is a painfully poignant song from the Americana singer-songwriter Josh Ritter’s latest album, So Runs the World Away.  The song tells the tale of a heart-breaking romance, which is brilliantly paired with the handcrafted creation and vision of marionette-puppeteer extraordinaire Liam Hurley, who is also Josh Ritter’s drummer.

Both the lyrics and doleful music strike a mesmerizing chord that’s movingly evocative of our contemporary  world, which is increasingly inhabited by people who are transient, lonely and ever on the search for something.  The Curse follows the course of a seemingly unlikely love affair between a mummy and a Victorian archaeologist.  The progression of their romance is quietly devastating, where the mummy’s curse turns out to be a poetic parable for the mournfully melancholy realization that love is mortal.

The Curse: A Quietly Devastating Love Story

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