Hoping for Peace in Our Time: Wishes For a Wonderful New Year!

Dove of Peace: Pablo Picasso, Lithograph (1949)

There is so much to be grateful for! Best wishes to all for a Wonderful, Happy and Healthy New Year! God bless us everyone!

Playing For Change: Song Around the World – “Stand By Me”

The Poetics of Hope: A Wish for Peace in Our Time

Dove of Peace: Pablo Picasso, Lithograph (1949)

Playing For Change: Song Around the World-“Stand By Me”

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For Hope and Peace: Happy New Year 2009!!

For Hope and Peace: Happy New Year 2009!!

Josh Groban: You Raise Me Up

New Year’s Eve 2009: Celebrations Around the World

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My Articles for Saturday, September 22, 2007

Blame has long circulated around the deficient Hurricane Katrina federal relief efforts. In August 2006 Harvard researchers observed that mental illness had doubled after Katrina. With the continuation of shoddy relief efforts, depression among residents has become increasingly enduring. Photographs, a photo gallery and music audio are included.

[tags: Hurricane Katrina, depression, suicide, music audio, photographs, photo gallery, New Orleans]

“Photo of the Day: Toes.” That’s it…just toes. Pretty toes, though. The photograph is presented here for your enjoyment in colorful high-resolution.

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Yesterday was the official “United Nations International Day of Peace.” This is a posting that celebrates The International Day of Peace. The posting presents a beautiful image of the Picasso Peace Dove, as well as a Photo Gallery that commemorates the Day of Peace. Picasso Peace Dove image and photo gallery are included.

[tags: United Nations International Day of Peace, Day of Peace, peace, Picasso, Picasso peace dove, peace dove, photographs, photo gallery]

The Advocate, the gay tabloid, has published an interview with Hillary Clinton, in which she directly addresses the long-persisting rumors that she is a lesbian. Nope, Hillary Clinton’s not gay. Then is America ready for a straight woman president? Samantha Bee thinks about that one on The Daily Show. Photo and hilarious video are included.

[tags: Hillary Clinton, gay, woman president, The Daily Show, Samantha Bee, photograph, video]

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The United Nations International Day of Peace

The United Nations International Day of Peace

The Picasso Peace Dove

Photo Gallery: The United Nations International Day of Peace

(Click Image to View Photo Gallery)

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