Marcel the Shell Lands a Big Television Show!!

Marcel: The Shell With Shoes On

Once just a shell with just a lentil for a hat and a Dorito for a hang-glider, Marcel (The Shell With Shoes On) is now the proud owner of a new book and a television development contract. Not too shabby for a tiny animated creature who skis on a man’s toenail!!

Marcel: The Shell With Shoes On is a delightful three-minute animated short film directed by Dean Fleischer-Camp, voiced (untreated & unenhanced) by a genius named Jenny Slate. Marcel is a very, very teeny-tiny little shell, but he throws big food parties for his friends, goes skiing and frequently chats on the phone. Ugh, he’s so darn cute. This may very well be the most adorable video ever made. Fantastic.

Marcel: The Shell With Shoes On

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