Susan Boyle Gets Standing Ovation, Wows Crowd on First Night of BGT Live Tour!

Susan Boyle Gets Standing Ovation, Wows Crowd on First Night of BGT Live Tour!

Susan Boyle silenced all of her critics when she appeared in the Britain’s Got Talent’s Concert Tour on Friday, in Birmingham, UK. Following a day of doubts as to whether the troubled singer would actually appear to perform, she took to the stage belting out the hits I Dreamed A Dream and Memory. Showing off a new hair color and style, Susan beamed at the audience during her opening number. During her performance, she blew a kiss to her adoring fans as they screamed and whistled.

While many had feared the Britain’s Got Talent tour would be too much for Susan, she returned from her health problems with a stunning makeover and gave a blinding performance that delighted fans. The 48-year-old, who had stayed at The Priory to recover from exhaustion after finishing second in the talent show, had a rapturous greeting. Winners Diversity may have opened the first night of the 29-city tour, but it was definitely Susan Boyle who commanded the show.

Susan will now perform in two shows at the Sheffield Hallam FM Arena in Sheffield (UK); the first show is scheduled to start at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday.

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4 Responses to “Susan Boyle Gets Standing Ovation, Wows Crowd on First Night of BGT Live Tour!”

  1. Patricia Snow Says:

    Yeah Susan ! You were wonderful!!!

  2. nel Says:

    Just wonderful! Go on like this!
    looking forward to your album…..

  3. puerto rico Says:

    affectionate greetings from Puerto Rico! United States, Latin America, Puerto Rico and look forward his arrival, this part of the world people of all ages followed, there is no doubt that every time God is, who has done this gift to the world (perhaps the British do not know what to assess), but outside there is a world in love with Susan Boyle, congratulations! susan you are the world!

  4. Linda Says:

    It would be nice to hear her without the cat calls.

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